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Friday, August 23, 2019

Invitation Basics- The Right Font

Invitation Basics- The Right Font

We all struggle with designer Indian wedding cards when it comes to fonts and ideas and wordings. As wedding invitations show your wedding in the first light so it is essential to make them beautiful and mostly, personal. By knowing the right font that does the job, you can save up some money on your save-the-dates or Hindu or interfaith wedding invitations and other stationery. Here are a few basic rules that work around fonts and will help you get the best wedding invitation card done in India.

The first step is to select the font. Pick one and let it be the guiding light to all your wedding stationery. Identify your couple personality and it can be a mix of minimalistic, modern, kitschy, quirky, and elegant. There are fonts for each personality. From cursive ones for a glamorous look to Aztec-inspired fonts for the edgy couple, the sky is the limit. And, the best part is that you don’t have to stick to one kind of font. Pick two-three fonts that can merge well with each other. You need a primary font, a small one and a nice medium font that adds a bit of individuality to your card. The internet makes you spoilt for choices with a myriad of fonts available. Browse through the websites and show the designer exactly what you need. You can also tweak your font according to what you need. Some of the websites allow you to type and see which one suits you with the preview options. Keep in mind about the types of fonts. Also, when you are looking for a font, don’t just look at it written in the example given. Make sure you type it out in your names and words so you can see which ones are looking good and which ones are difficult to read. Remember to choose a readable font. Every font you try, you should try it in “italics” and “bold” just to see if it’s legible. 

If you are hosting a classy themed wedding, then go for Coneria Script as it is simple and easy and gives and old-school look to it. For a fancy looking font, go for something that is called Question and love. It will add the quintessential charm to your fancy wedding invitation. Jenna Sue is just the right font style for the fun and boho chic wedding and Respective for a vintage themed ceremony. The font is understated, keeps it tight and calligraphic. If your wedding is a Parisian theme, then this is for you. If you’re looking for a font with an edge and something modern, then Xtreem 2 is the one is for you. Once you are done with the selection of your font, choose the right paper to complement it. Often the poor quality of the paper takes a toll on the excellent font and makes the card look terrible. Ask your designer for the best options of paper that will not only match the font but will also match the theme of the wedding ceremony. 

All about Engagement Cards

All about Engagement Cards

Engagement parties great fun to celebrate with your loved ones your newly-announced betrothal and the impending wedding. It is a lovely way of getting the two families to meet and mingle. Make sure your party goes smoothly with this guide to engagement invitations.

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It is vital that your invitations actually tell your guests that you have got engaged, as obvious as this may seem. The majority of engagement invitations cards are embossed with the word ‘engagement’. You can go for something different and choose poetry or anything that fancies you. Invitations should aim to include the date and the time of the celebration. This will help in ensuring punctuality.

If the party is at your own home you can write your own address under the venue. However, if the celebration is to be held at another address, the invitations should include the key details of the venue along with directions. Nowadays, theme parties are in. You can go ahead with a swanky theme and also ask your guests to dress according to the theme. Make sure to mention this in the card to avoid last minute embarrassments and issues. The dress code should not be too specific as that can hinder with the guests comfort level.

At Indian Wedding Cards, we offer a wide range of engagement cards for you to announce your happy moment in style. Not just this, we also specialize in exclusive, designer wedding invitation cards for every religion. Be it inter-faith invitations for wedding, birthday invitations, jubilee invitations we curate it all! 

Diamonds and Wedding Cards are Forever

Diamonds and Wedding Cards are Forever

When deciding on a wedding or engagement ring you have to keep certain things in your mind. Your ring should be as unique as your wedding invitation and for that to happen the first thing to note is the four C’s. 

Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity are the important markers for choosing the right kind of diamond. The color and clarity, in general, are more or less constant. Other than the popular round cut, there is Asscher, princess, diamond etc. cuts for your precious rock. As far as a cut is concerned, the round cut is the most expensive. There can be a lot of price difference in the other cuts as well, but it is the round brilliant is the one that is most precious. In terms of price Round > Marquise > Heart > Pear > Oval > Princess > Cushion > Asscher > Radiant > Emerald is the order of most expensive cut to the least. Another thing to keep in mind is that the price of the diamond goes up exponentially as the carats increase 

You might think that a transparent or a white diamond is the best and the priciest but a pink diamond is more expensive than a transparent one and a blue one is even rarer. Pink and blue are the only colors more expensive than a colorless diamond as they are rarer in nature. But brown and yellow diamonds are way more abundant, which means that they are cheaper in comparison to all of them. 
Clarity is one of the most important factors. It is the transparency of a diamond, and the more flaws a jeweler see in it, then the lesser the price of the diamond. Clarity is one thing in a diamond that cannot be altered, either a diamond has flaws or not. 

One thing that you have to keep in mind is the certification while buying a diamond and it should be certified by a proper agency. Certification ensures resale value, and you can always trade up your diamond much more easily if it is certified. 

We, at Indian Wedding Cards, also believe in the same ideology of the four C’s- Classy, Captivating, Catchy and Colorful We aim to provide the most trendy and exquisite marriage invitation cards that will make you stand out in the crowd and set a bold statement. From modern laser cut cards to traditional and timeless Radha Krishna wedding cards, we offer all that is imaginable and beyond. 

A simple change can float in new thoughts and provide a new atmosphere for you

A simple change can float in new thoughts and provide a new atmosphere for you

When you don’t feel inspired the day goes by very slow just as your life. Nothing much happens and you just go by with a feeling that all of the time is going to waste. Trying to look for inspiration can get very difficult and things all start to look too similar. That doesn’t mean that the world became blank, is just your mind that is finding it difficult to recognize the originality in things around it. When that happens, what can we do? Change the surroundings around you. A refresh is necessary for your mind to breath in new air and see a new perspective.

A great way to do that is through decoration. The ambient around you change and your mind receives a breath of fresh air, all that you need to get a system reboot to start feeling good again and more inspired to go through with your day.

That is what get many people interested in wooden louvre. They are a simple addition to a house and make a great addition to the looks of a place. With movable horizontal slats, wooden louvres are able to control the amount of light that comes in to the ambient through any framed opening that the room allows.

Not only that, but they make an incredibly beautiful touch to partition walls. Allowing some light in from one ambient to another can make a great and light connection between different rooms of your house and completely transform the place. That way, the inside of a house can change to be almost as if you moved to a new house while maintaining all of your things with you.

So, whenever you feel like adding a different charm to your house, get in touch with us at Dum.co.in and see all the different possibilities of change and inspiration that we can bring to your house with wooden louvre and fall in love with your own place once again!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Choosing The Right Kind Of Shutters For Window louvre

Choosing The Right Kind Of Shutters For Window louvre
Doors and windows are not only simple entities but reflect the character and choice of their owner. Therefore, it is important to stop and think for a moment before you choosing any kind of windows or doors for your house. Whatever is their number, size, or shape they must be capable of enough of serving their basic purpose. It is not an easy task to decide the right kind of window louvre that will give the perfect look to your house. Your window louvre can be in form of vertical shutters or horizontal shutter depending on your choice and the look they give to your house. It is also necessary to choose the right kind of window louvre depending on the amount and kind of light and air you will need in different parts of your home. Another point to be kept n mind is that of privacy. Windows louvers should be set in a way where they help in keeping required privacy in intimate corners of house along with fresh morning breeze and proper light whenever you need it.

Making window louvers isn’t a rocket science, all you need to do is get the layers done rightly and place the router in right place. Correct placement of router will ensure even alignment between layers of window louvre. You can choose the material for louvers as per your own convenience or as per latest trend, wooden louvers for e.g. are in vogue these days. In case, you are residing in a damp area with less light, it is advisable to choose any other option than wooden louvre. There are many that are also going for metal, bamboo, and false window louvers. The main motive behind the complete exercise is to put an end note to the aesthetic department and give desired look to the house.

It is not all that easy to keep all parts of window louvers moving all the time. The desired effect can only be produced when all parts move in perfect co-ordination with each other. One needs to spend considerable amount of energy and strength in keeping this stuff in sync. That is why it is advised to take care of the areas where window louvres are being installed. Putting them in extremely windy external areas might not be a good idea. Similarly areas with high temperatures and rains might not be very good for louvred windows especially if they are fitted with wooden louvres. In case you plan to install window louvres for a longer period it is better to keep them limited to internal areas that are not much exposed to extreme elements, violent winds, and other such harmful things. Offices with large glass windows can always have horizontally placed window louvres that can help in keeping an outside check along with proper light. Vinyl is one the most highly recommended materials when it comes to window louvres in office premises. Rest depends on the kind of taste and preferences the owner has.

Why Should You Choose Your Front gate designs Carefully?

Why Should You Choose Your Front gate designs Carefully?

The number of people who really care about choosing the right kind of front gate design for their home is very low. Entrance is the first thing that makes first impression as soon as a person enters front door. This is one of the main reasons why interior decorators suggest their clients to look into front gate designs whenever they decide other elements for their dream home. The front gate entrance should not only be attractive but also needs to be strong and secure. The front gate design should be moulded in a way that it doesn’t allow intruders to pass through easily.

The front gate design should be chosen in a way that it represents a perfect balance between aesthetics and security. It should be beautiful enough to represent owner’s taste and robust enough to keep insides walled from any kind of harmful or unknown external elements. One must remember that front gate isn’t something that can be re-designed or re-embellished every other day. The process of changing front door design is an expensive as well as time consuming process. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all related aspects before zeroing down on one single front gate design.

There are several window experts that can be consulted for this matter. These people are known for offering a wide range of front gate designs that can keep a check on your security requirements along with a strong aesthetic appeal. There are a few tips that we can help you with in this matter. The first thing to be kept in mind is to keep looking for various options that can help you get an idea of how you can turn your imagination into reality. It is highly recommended to choose front fate design from a stop shop as these guys can also offer you other related accessories such as wooden partitions, gate handles, locks,, etc.

Also make sure when you select your front gate design it goes along with the overall design of your house. Try and keep all the points in mind while making final decision so that you have no regrets in any aspect later on.